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Made In USA?

Currently, all wattPOD assembly, testing, and packing are done in our Mesa, Arizona facility.


Not only that, the majority (by weight...) of our component parts are truly Sourced and Made in the U.S.A.!


For instance, the LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE NANOPARTICLES that our battery cores are made from are taken right from THE SOIL OF NORTH DAKOTA and produced in Grand Forks, ND, one of the Energy Capitals of America - it doesn't get more MADE IN AMERICA than that!


While it's true that a few of the high-quality parts that we incorporate into the wattPODs do arrive from around the world and we are thankful for our international partners' contributions, Cloudburst Technology is working hard to bring production and sourcing of all components from within the United States.


This is an ambitious plan that will take time to fully execute, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the components of your current or future wattPOD Power on Demand products.


Our fundamental goal is to create the best products at the highest value period! Right now that means bringing some things in from the far east.

You can call Loren anytime to ask further questions about this topic or anything else.


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